Chef Rebecca founded Whole Health Everyday of Orange County, CA with the idea of helping people with health challenges, eat healthier foods; she didn’t want to cut out flavor or the comfort foods they desired.  Chef Rebecca wanted to help people who suffered like herself.

She suffered for years with food allergies, and doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her.  She had so much inflammation that moving her fingers was extremely painful and, some days, impossible — walking more than a few yards was excruciatingly troublesome.  After many years of suffering and seeking out alternative health professionals’ advice, she began to get better with the help of holistic nutritionist Kristi Acuna, among other natural health professionals.  After 5 years, Chef Rebecca felt like a cloud was lifted from her eyes.  Her brain fog, extreme pain and tiredness were finally getting better.

During her recovery, Chef Rebecca was told she was sensitive to about 20 foods.  She was frustrated and didn’t know how or what she was going to eat when all of her favorite foods were on the list!  What was left?

After culinary school was finished, she decided to remove all 20 foods from her diet to complete her recovery.  After a few weeks, she felt immensely better, but there were many, many months to go before she
felt 100%.

Many people suffer from food allergies and don’t know it.  Many people want to eat healthier and don’t know how.  Some people suffer from health conditions, and others want to get maximum benefits from their workouts.

Chef Rebecca wanted to help these people!

Through her healing, she learned much from her health team.  She learned about organic foods, why the human body has a hard time digesting cow milk/butter/cheese, why we need healthy fats, why/ how our animal proteins must come from reliable sources and much more.   Every health professional she saw helped her down the road to recovery and taught her about being the healthiest she could be.  When Rebecca first saw her primary care doctor and other traditional doctors, they wanted to operate on her arm to get rid of the inflammation, give her antidepressants, and label her as having chromic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  They were wrong.  Food is medicine and many conditions can be healed through proper nutrition.

After learning fabulous techniques in culinary school, making her not only a good cook, but a great chef, Rebecca wanted to take those skills and help people – not just feed people, but use food as medicine and truly feed their souls.

Many clients of Whole Health Everyday have allergies or special diet plans.  What Whole Health Everyday is known for is taking the foods their clients love and transforming them into healthier (but still delicious) versions.  Chef Rebecca has helped pro NFL athletes with their special training diets and has helped many clients with their gluten-free/dairy-free lifestyle transitions.  She has also helped many busy families by making their every day meals just a little healthier and tastier!

When a client says they won’t give up their hamburger and fries, a Whole Health Everyday chef finds a way to make it better.  They’ll replace the poor quality meat with grass-fed organic, the produce with organic, the bun with a gluten free version if they desire/need, and the fries with un-fried organic potatoes.  For the client that loves Mexican food, they’ll explain about GMO corn and the better options that are available (like thinly sliced jicama to use as a taco shell or an organic coconut paleo wrap).  They’ll replace heavily processed canola oil with purely sourced oils like coconut oil or olive oil.  The possibilities are endless. Each Whole Health Everyday chef has their own unique style to bring to your household.

Clients turn to Whole Health Everyday services to maintain good health, get healthier, and get informed on how to change their lifestyle.  They depend on Whole Health Everyday’s chefs to be experts in healthy eating and they take that very seriously!  Chef Rebecca and her team of talented chefs are constantly honing their craft and learning more about healthy eating and food preparation.

Whole Health Everyday provides professional, in-home, chef services.  With a team of pro chefs, Whole Health Everyday has a perfect match for every client!
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